Presentations for ASN Conference

Lesedauer: < 1 Minute

Here you can find abstracts and presentation-papers (pdf) for my talks on the 6th Anarchist Studies Conference (2.-4.09.2020)

“Whose streets, whose power? – Which streets, what power?”

A postanarchist approach for analysing social movements

Keywords: Postanarchism / Social Movements / Conceptualising Approaches / G20-Summit 2017

Investigating and promoting the anarchist concept of social revolution in times of multiple crisis

Keywords: Social Revolution / Political Theory / Anarchist Key-Term / Libertarian Socialism

From apocalyptical to prophetical Eschatology.

Anarchist understandings of temporality and revolutionary societal progress under conditions of everyday apocalypse

Keywords: Philosophy of History / Temporality / Apocalyptical Narrations / Anarchist Eschatology