Part #3

Lesedauer: 2 Minuten

#3 anarchist currents, controversies and the strive for autonomy

Sometimes its complicated to encompass anarchism, because for outsiders it looks partially incoherent and even contradictory. The main reason for that is the inherent plurality of anarchism, resulting in different currents with own schools of thoughts, publications, groups and traditions. The most known are anarchist individualism, communism and syndicalism. But there is also a mode that bounds those differences together: this is the strive for autonomy.

Basics of Anarchism

monthly input parallel to peoples kitchen @Adi, 7:30pm

Anarchism is a global social movement, set of practices and political theory with a tradition since about 200 years. Everybody knows the circle-(A)-symbol, has some vague ideas about alternative lifestyles and direct actions. And of course you heard prejudices about anarchists, for instance that they are naive dreamers, infantile negs or demonic slobs. But what is anarchism actually and what does it really stands for?

In a monthly series of six focused inputs you will learn some basics from history, ethics, political theory, strategies and perspectives of anarchism. You are further more invited to discuss about those insights and get together with your sympathies.

Dependent on the gathered group, we will talk in english, german and/or translate from on to the other language.

The dates are: 21.10., 18.11., 16.12., 20.01., 17.02., 17.03.

We will start 8pm (20 Uhr) shorty after respectively parallel to the peoples kitchen 7pm (19 Uhr).