In Gedanken beim attackierten Professor Nathan Jun…

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Seit fast anderthalb Jahren wurde gegen Nathan Jun eine massive Hasskampagne durch Faschisten durchgeführt. Jun ist ein junger Professor für Philosophie an der Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls / Texas mit einer Spezialisierung auf Anarchist Studies.

Die Rassisten und weißen Nationalisten attackierten ihn, weil sich er öffentlich gegen Rassismus, faschistische Ideologie und Polizeigewalt positionierte. Ins Visier der Faschisten geriet er insbesondere, weil er für Black Lives Matter und Antifaschismus eintrat.

Jun erhielt tausende Emails, Briefe und Anrufe mit widerlichsten Beleidigungen und
Todesdrohungen. Er wurde auf der Straße angefeindet und von Fremden nach Hause verfolgt. Sein Uni-Büro wurde verwüstet und mit antisemitischen Parolen besprüht. Schließlich hielt er dieser anhaltenden massiven Hasskampagne nicht mehr stand und musste seine Professoren-Stelle aufgeben.

Der eigentliche Skandal ist dabei, dass er von der Midwestern State University keinerlei Unterstützung und Schutz gegen diese Angriffe auf einen ihrer Angestellten erhielt, sondern diese sie stillschweigend zuließ und duldete.

Es folgt eine Nachricht und ein Protestbrief an seine beschissene Universität

Dear comrades,

This is a call to add your voices in support of our friend and comrade
Nathan Jun.

Faced with sustained and orchestrated far-right attacks on his home and
threats to his life, which understandably had a significant impact on
Nathan’s mental health, he was recently forced to resign from his
professorship at MSU (Midwestern State University). Throughout the
process, MSU senior management was highly negligent verging on outright
hostility towards their victimised employee. His only ‚transgression‘
was to vehemently and publicly oppose racism and state violence.

Academic workers, please add your signature to the statement copied

As members of the global community of scholars, researchers, and
teachers, we write to protest, in the strongest possible terms,
Midwestern State University’s treatment of former philosophy professor
Dr. Nathan Jun.

Dr. Jun served as Professor of Philosophy and Coordinator of the
Philosophy Program at Midwestern State University from 2008 until he was
compelled to resign his tenured position in August 2021. By all
reasonable accounts, Dr. Jun was, and is, an exemplary teacher and
scholar with an established record of professional excellence.

Between June and December of 2020 Dr. Jun was subject to a protracted
campaign of harassment, intimidation, doxing, and violent threats at the
hands of fascists, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other right-wing
extremists in response to protected political expression that was made
in his capacity as a private citizen. Throughout this period Dr. Jun
received hundreds of death threats via email, phone, text, and
conventional mail, many of which contained hateful and derogatory
anti-Semitic language. His residence was vandalized with anti-Semitic
graffiti on more than one occasion. He was repeatedly and publicly
defamed in several high-profile online venues even as the university was
inundated with hysterical calls for his dismissal. For several months he
could not even show his face in public without being heckled and
harassed by strangers. Unrecognized individuals drove by his home day
and night, snapping pictures with their phones or shouting obscenities;
some parked outside for hours at a time. Local businesses denied him
service on at least a dozen occasions.

Throughout this ordeal the university made no effort to defend Dr. Jun’s
personal or professional reputation, take proactive measures to protect
his safety, or even express concern for his well-being privately. It did
not see fit to publicly condemn the heinous violence and harassment to
which he had been subject, let alone the white supremacist and fascist
ideologies that fueled them. Instead the former president of MSU, Dr.
Suzanne Shipley, elected to publicly denounce Dr. Jun and, in so doing,
manifestly violated the very same institutional values she claimed to
uphold, not least the university’s commitment to protecting freedom of
expression. These shameful and cowardly actions exemplify a long pattern
of inaction and callous indifference on the part of the MSU
administration to previous instances of racist, anti-Semitic attacks
against Dr. Jun.

As a result of the aforementioned campaign of terror, coupled with the
university’s betrayal, Dr. Jun developed post-traumatic stress disorder
and was subsequently hospitalized on several occasions. The university
responded by refusing to provide various accommodations Jun had
requested under the Americans with Disabilities Act, effectively leaving
him with no choice but to resign his position. In so doing, the
university „used the trauma it helped generate as part of a strategy to
oust the professor suffering from it and thereby appease right-wing
activists, politicians, and donors“

We call upon Midwestern State University to publicly acknowledge and
apologize for its horrendous treatment of Dr. Jun, which we, the
undersigned, unequivocally condemn. Until such a time as this call has
been heeded, we furthermore urge our professional colleagues to refrain
from any dealings with Midwestern State University, including making or
accepting applications of employment.

The Undersigned

For list of signatories, please see: