Der Widerstand von Europas letzten Indigenen

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eine Info-Tour:

Welcome to the page of the Sápmi Info Tour

The “Decolonise Sápmi Info Tour” will take place from 22 May to 29 May. Together with Henrik Andersson, reindeer herder and activist from Sápmi and two activists from kolonierna we will visit different places in Germany and the Netherlands. We want to talk and exchange about anti-colonial and ecological struggles. Welcome are activists as well as people who have not yet had any contact with these issues. For this we invite you to the following cities:

  • 22 May in Berlin
  • 23 May in Leipzig
  • 24. May in Göttingen
  • 26. May in Hannover
  • 28 May Appelscha Netherlands
  • 29. May in Kiel

For more information about the locations see Tour Dates 2023

About the history:

Sápmi is located in northern Europe and refers to the land of the Sámi people. Over time it has been colonized by Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. As a result, the Sámi have been subjected to various forms of oppression and discrimination by these countries to this day.

We have compiled further sources on the history and current struggles for you here.


Sápmi and Sápmi’s colonial history are presented. Current forms of oppression are also addressed. An important role is played by “green capitalism,” a form of capitalism in which oppression is advanced under the guise of climate protection. Some examples include: Dams that disrupt reindeer migration routes and flood sacred Sámi sites, or wind turbines that are widely avoided by reindeer. Of course, the lectures will also address the problems that mines pose for the Sámi. A topic which was discussed lately with the discussion around the rare earths found in the so-called Sweden also here in Germany. Furthermore, the problems caused by the still occurring clear-cutting in the area of the Sámi and the resulting loss of biodiversity are explained.

What resistance has there been in recent years against this capitalist destruction and (green) colonialism? What is the current situation in Sápmi and what does the future look like?

Together with you we want to discuss, learn and exchange!